Circa 1998 David bought his first property, a two bedroom flat, in a surrounding village of Woking, within the county of Surrey, which suited locality and work requirements.  On job relocation, David embarked on his first foray into the letting market, engrossing himself in Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (AST’s), lettings regulations and Landlord responsibilities, in the guise of Gas / Electric Safety Certificates, Fire Regulations etc.

This was the building blocks to David’s property portfolio and through understanding the mechanics of the User, Development and Investment Markets, he was able to turn this one ‘Built Asset’ into numerous properties centred on Woking.  Woking was deemed an ideal investment choice due to the mainline train station and its non-stop, direct commute, to London, with a journey time of 25 minutes, coupled with the ‘Pull Through’ effect emanating from London.
            “Woking is the closest place to London, without being in London” – Anon.

At present David still resources viable properties, through networking and oversees their subsequent upgrade / improvement, to an executive standard, coordinating and overseeing tradesman, funding and tenants, as the acquisition and development of selective properties in and around Surrey, for lease purpose, whilst taking a long term, pragmatic view in regards to yield and rental income is an on-going priority.  In addition, orchestrating the acquisition of viable ‘Land’, for development purposes, as per Havard 2008, whilst analysing and evaluating the economics of the built environment, achieving a ‘Real Reward’ on investment, through the effective orchestration of the ‘Development Team’ in conjunction with JIT concepts, whilst emplacing robust JCT contractual arrangements.  In addition, provide ‘Coaching & Mentoring’ training/development to all levels of management.

Whilst establishing, maintaining and growing his property portfolio, David researched the lettings agency arena and realised a gap in the market which led to the planning, funding and establishment of ‘Accessalets’ (2006), an internet based lettings agency and all facets therein, with advertising achieved through liaison with high profile, mainstream organisations, forging B2B relationships with relevant professional organisations, in the property management bubble.  This concept in turn gave birth to the Winsper Group, a property specialists and development company, continuing the ethos of ‘Low, Flat, Fixed Rate Fees – No Percentages – Any Property, Any Size’, whilst embracing the ethos of ‘Stretch Potential’ with the acquisition of further ‘Land’ including the ‘Built Asset’

Concurrent to his portfolio and primary role of ‘Principal’ in the Winsper Group, David has been involved in  property development and his latest project sees him transforming a three bedroom detached house, into a five bedroom four and a half bathroom executive style, detached house and double storey ‘Outbuilding’, under Planning Permission and Permitted Development (PD) in conjunction with a Certificate of Lawfulness respectively.   


David has effectively financing these projects successfully, through refined planning, with budgets in excess of £350,000 and ‘Built Asset’ worth upwards of £600,000 sterling.